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Below you'll find computer resources located not only in the Plum Boro area, but also on the WWW including tips and tricks, online storing services, virus checks and alot more !
Build Your Own Computer : A wealth of information to help you know the ins and outs of either building your own computer, or knowing what to request when having one built.
My Desktop : More information and help than you can shake a stick at!
ZDNet : Where technology takes you! A must for any PC user.
Insider Radio : A++ Site! Listen "Live" on KDKA radio - Saturdays at Noon or listen online :)

Now, once you have your computer.. and have it all fixed up and in order, you'll be happy to know that there are quite a few places online that offer some invaluable services. If your computer's ever crashed, then you understand. And if it hasn't, then a word to the wise should be sufficient. Back-up your files, bookmarks and programs, using these services.
AntiVirus Housecall : Yep! Free online virus scanning! If you haven't invested in an anti-virus program, or can't afford to, then you can't afford not to. Use this free service and scan on a regular basis to keep your computer safe.
Bug Fix : Stamp Out! pests that infect computing. It's your daily dose of digital pesticide.

Bug Disk
FreeDrive : you can upload, store, retrieve, and share 50 megabytes of any type of data for FREE -- documents, spreadsheets, zip files, databases, image files, MP3's -- whether it's for school, work, personal use, or just for fun. 
My Bookmarks :Some people are addicted to bookmarks. Save yours here, and even find some that others are sharing.

One other thing . . . Most websites including GoPlum.Com are designed for best viewing at a resolution of 800 x 600, unless of course, you are using a free internet service. (If that's what you're using, then you'd probably be better off with a larger resolution to make room for the advertisements). To learn how to change the resolution of your monitor, click here.

With the continued advance design of websites, it's best to keep your browser updated with the newest versions available. You can get the latest versions of Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer by clicking on these buttons.

Download Browsers

Interested in web page design? or graphics design? These are links for everyone from beginner to advanced which means there's something here for everyone!
So You Want To Make A Web Page? : From basic to advanced, including frames and tables.

HTML: Get the low-down on all the how-to.

HTML Primer : Basic tutorials to get you started.

Geocities : Not only free, but one of the easiest places to get your site on the web.

The Java Boutique : For the more advanced web page designer.

Photo Impact : Though it's not necessarily the easiest program to learn graphic design on, it is becoming one of the more popular graphics design programs. Ulead, the maker of Photo Impact also offers a 30 day trial version.

Paint Shop Pro: One of the easiest and most afford graphics design programs available. There's a free 30-day evaluation version here. Try it, you'll like it.

The Graphics Ring : Free Graphics for your website.


You can find businesses in the Plum Boro area that are Computer Savvy by visiting the Computer Section of the Merchant Directory.



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