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Welcome to the GoPlum Chat Rooms. They're open around the clock, 365 days a year! You'll find that there are three, Yes! 3 chat rooms available to you, the residents of Plum. Click the appropriate room for your age group, and Enjoy !

Though it's unreasonble to expect these rooms to be constantly monitored, it is not unreasonable to expect that the rules below be followed.

We're trying to keep things simple here! But, like the other interactive areas of GoPlum, rules are a must. Entering any chat room constitues your agreement to these rules. So here goes:

These Chat Rooms are provided for everyone's enjoyment. Any abuse or misuse of them will not be tolerated and will result in the offending user being banned permanently. The rules are as follows:

You may not promote any pornographic/adult material including URLs or advertising to and for such sites.

You may not promote or engage in hate or racism of any kind towards any group of people or individual.

You may not engage in cursing and/or foul language.

If you're not going to play by the rules, then don't play at all.

No socially unacceptable behavior including but not limited to hitting, biting, scratching, pulling of hair or spitting allowed.

The Visitors Agreement below applies to all users.

ATTENTION: Now and then those who prefer to not play by the rules show up anyhow, and since the Chat Rooms can not always be monitored, we strongly suggest you put these types of "people" on IGNORE. Remember, they feed off your irritation and hurt feelings, so if you refrain from fanning the flames, they will crawl back into the hole from whence they came. Thank you for your cooperation.

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